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      Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Ltd.
      Widely Using of Amino Acid Compound Salt in Medicine, Health Food and Cosmetics Area

      Amino acid compound salt is different from traditional amino acid derivantes, It is not a simple mixture of two kinds amino acids. It is a new crystal product formed by one amino acid molecules and another (or a carboxylic acid molecule) through the form of ionic bonding. It not only has the biological action of two amino acids, but also reinforces mutually each other. At the same time, it has the better physicochemical properties than the single one. Therefore, in medicine, health-care products and cosmetics fields, it has wider application.
      Our company (Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Ltd, http://www.brentwoodpm.com/) actively organizeed R&D capabilities, in succession developed L-Lysine L-Aspartat, L-Lysine L-Glutamate Dihydrate, L-Arginine-L-Pyroglutamate, L-Arginine L- Asparate, L-Ornithine L-Asparate, L- Arginine a-Ketoglutarate etc to meet the growing needs of the market and expand the amino acids downstream products.


        Medicine Health-care products cosmetics
      L-Lysine L-Glutamate Dihydrate Effective resisting the formation of blood sickle cell; Can treat the metabolic disorders of children; can be used as anti ulcer agents, forming the protective film, promoting ulcer healing. For the smell is less than lysine hydrochloride, it replaces lysine salt in the high-grade food and beverages. Also used in high-grade wine, soft drinks, high-grade bread, high-grade starch products. Emulsifying, deodorization, antifreeze, low chemical oxygen consumption, non-toxic, non-stimulating, promote blood circulation.
      L-Lysine L-Aspartat Anti fatigue, preventing muscle atrophy Food nutrition fortifier, into the national hygienic standards for uses of food additive (GB14880-94); can remove the flavor of fish, meat, eggs, milk. Inhibiting the overmuch lactic acid secreted by scalp glands, which can protect the hair
      L-Arginine-L-Pyroglutamate  Enhancing immunity; treating the viral hepatitis   Making oily hair shampoo, have good effection.
      L-Arginine L- Asparate  Reducing the ammonia accumulation caused by exercise; treating amnesia; inhibition of arterial thrombosis   Using in cosmetics and moisturizing cream as antioxidant
      L-Ornithine-L-Asparate  Reducing the blood ammonia levels; treating the icteric viral hepatitis nutrition supplement of cirrhosis  
      L-Arginine α-Ketoglutarate Enhancing the detoxification function of liver Raw materials of health-care food  

      This year, amino acid compound salt is used more and more widely, the market demand is also increasing year by year. With the deepening of amino acid compound salt field, more and more functions will be developed and applied. Our company (Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co.,Ltd, http://www.brentwoodpm.com/ ) will also keep striving and launch more and more, better and better products to rich amino acids downstream product applications.
      More product information, please refer to Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co., Ltd- Tryptophan/Proline/Serine/Methionine/Glutamine/Arginine/Leucine/Tyrosine
      URL: http://www.brentwoodpm.com

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